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Kylie Thompson

Kylie Thompson


I am a NYC-based photographer, self-taught cook, and designer who loves to cook, eat, and take photos of what I cook and eat. My food photography has been published in several food magazines, such as Taste, Time Out New York, and Edible Queens.

About Tried & True

Tried & True Recipes is the product of many tireless hours of searching recipe blogs and feeling just a little annoyed with standard food blogs. I was tired of posts that are written like a novel and take forever to get to the damn recipe, or photos of the final product that took a production team of 20 people to put together (how can home cooks compete with that?!). I was tired of the feeling I’d get when I’d search for hours to find what I thought was the perfect recipe only to discover that it required 17 hours, 83 pots and pans, and 57 ingredients.

My goal for Tried & True is to always create recipes for simple, elegant meals that you can make any day of the week. No production team, no novels, no bullshit. I love to cook and want to make finding the perfect recipe a simple and painless process.


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